Jonathan Zawada

Affordances, 2017

I am excited to present a collection of objects and furniture at the preeminent concept store in Los Angeles, Just One Eye.
They are all functional artworks that I have created over the past few years filling gaps in my own home and I am excited to share them all together.
The collection is available through custom order.


AFFORDANCES #1 (You Only Reincarnate Infinitely)

An open edition of side-tables based on essential forms and simplified construction. Each is a
combination of three pieces of stone, they are flat pack and require no fixtures to assemble.
The table is comprised either of homogenous stone or of three different types of stone, allowing
for endless combination of color and texture and resulting in no two being alike. The underside of
the tops are lined with a layer of recycled rubber which both grips to the trivet base and absorbs
impact shocks.




AFFORDANCES #8 (Piece o’ the Pi)

Building its form from the carefully considered combination of two pieces of stone designed with a unique
slotting system and a third piece of stone sandwiched in the middle that acts as a locking keystone,
Affordances #8 is a coffee table evolution of the same principles of play explored in Affordances #1.
This particular piece is created with a selection of Rosa Portogallo marble and man made blue and white quartz,
both chosen for their strength and flexibility, with a beautiful section of delicate dark green onyx as the center piece.



AFFORDANCES #10 (Both Ends Burning)

Utilizing simple plumbing pipe and inspired by the Snake game on 2000’s Nokia phones. Both Ends
Burning are a series of vessels that function as both vase or candle holder or both. Welded stainless
steel, the enamel versions have been hand painted using a hydro-dipping method, where paint is
applied to the surface of pre-treated water bath and the object is swiftly plunged through the waters
surface leaving the enamel paint to wrap around the pipe. Available in enamel and brass.



AFFORDANCES #2 (Ω.M.G. Lean Into the Wind)

The most reductively designed lamp made from copper or brass tube with a capacitive touch switch/dimmer embedded into the rubber disc that caps the top,
effectively making it one ludicrously long extruded button. The lamp is intended to either simply lean against a wall or to rest
in a cubic marble base unit where the lamp can be balanced in a number of angles and orientations.

“Make things visible, exploit natural relationships that couple function and control,
and make intelligent use of constraints.” – Don Norman

AFFORDANCES #12 (A Union of 2 Sets)

Two interlocked soft tori or donut shapes unify to form a sculptural chaise lounge / chair. One torus is made from American suede leather, the other from Kvadrat wool.
A technical challenge to make, the form is a playful re imagining of how the human body can interact with objects in the world and is the very definition of an affordance object.




AFFORDANCES #11 (TRU$T FUN! Truffles rug)

The design for this rug began as a series of random numbers entered into an open source fractal generating program.
Painstaking hours were put into the design to render a balance of color and organic form.
The design was then translated into hours of manual labor in Tibet using ancient hand tufting techniques weaving together over 30 hand dyed colors in pure New Zealand wool.



AFFORDANCES #2B (Superpower)

A neon yellow aluminium tube LED table lamp with capacitive touch dimmer switch embedded into the rubber cap.
Nestled into an impossible tori made of Oak and hand painted wood. Featuring an electric blue cloth covered cord.



For all enquiries please write to or drop into Just One Eye