Jonathan Zawada

My Sentiments Exactly, 2015



Sarah Cottier Gallery
November 19 – December 19, 2015

My sentiments exactly what I want you to be a good time waster but it was not immediately clear whether or not the same as the first half and half of this is not an option for me and I love the new version of this is the best thing about being in love with you guys should make a difference between being the only one who can make me laugh so hard for you and your friends




…grace is the only way you can get a follow back and forth…
Oil on canvas
45 x 76cm



…I love it when you are a little bit of a new song…
Oil on canvas
45 x 76cm



..I love it when people say they have to go back in time to get the hang of it all…
Oil on canvas
45 x 76cm





…Collapse of communism is not the same as the new version…
Oil on canvas
61 x 102cm